Interactive visualisations for research papers

I work in the medical imaging field and very often work with three or four dimensional data, which could include 3D mesh models.

Static images in research papers often don't give the reader enough of a 'feel' for the research and I find providing supplementary interactive visualisations helps to convey the message. I create these by exporting volumes and meshes to x3dom and using jquery for added interactivity.

Below are some recent examples with links to the interactive visualisations.

Publication 1:Computer assisted detection of abnormal airway variation in CT scans related to paediatric tuberculosis


Supplementary material with interactive visualisations

Publication 2: Automated Colorectal Tumour Segmentation in DCE-MRI using Supervoxel Neighbourhood Contrast Characteristics (MICCAI 2014, accepted)

Supplementary material with interactive visualisations

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